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We believe our unique publishing system is the most cost efficient catalogue and brochure production system available.

Why make it more difficult that it needs to be?

design for printFast and efficient

Building a catalogue or brochure with us takes just a fraction of the time that it would take a whole team of designers. Typically a 100+ page brochure can be produced and ready for press within hours. Saving time and resources on this scale doesn't just cut your costs. The reduced time in production means you can react quicker to market driven events, and keep your content up to date, right to the last minute. The automated nature also minimises human involvement, reducing error and the need for costly amendments.

• Streamlined and automated page production cycle

• Much faster 'time to market'

• Changes can be made throughout the process with little or no impact on time scales

marked cost savingsMulti-channel synergy

Bring synergy to your on-line and off-line marketing. With the data we use to build your off-line publication we can easily build an on-line version, and because both versions use the same data source, they will always be consistent with each other.

• Content can be re-published for other market sectors in a snap

• Promotes data consistency across media

• Changes made are reflected across all channels

• Marked cost savings

online management and digital asset storageOnline Management

Online management tools allow you to manage your job remotely. These tools allow you to set up your publication by configuring your job parameters. Add and edit your content. Share your assets like images and logos and other files. View the actual PDF that the printer will receive, suggest amendments and sign-off pages. Even if you require a particular function that isn't already available, we can easily build it for you to your personal specifications.

• Approve pages from your web browser

• Configure your catalogue, brochure or directory online

• View, share and manage your digital assets (images,logos, etc) online

total design flexibilityTotal design flexibility

With no restrictions or set templates to follow, your publication can have as many layout variations as you wish. Of course we recommend you use our experienced designers to create a look and style that fits perfectly with your company profile and message, but we can just as easily use or follow your existing design and style if you so wish. Our unique design flexibility allows you can chop and change layouts and styles based on your own criteria, be it on product type, a particular manufacturer or supplier, in fact anything you choose.

• No need to change your current design or branding

• No rigid templates to follow

• Freedom to use our experienced designers or your own

Bullet proof PDFPress ready artwork

Our catalogues and brochures are built as press-ready artwork in PDF format, specified for your choice of printer. These PDF files are automatically 'flight checked', meaning that they are analysed for compliance with professional print standards. This results in what we call 'Bullet-proof' PDFS. It's from these PDFS that all outputs are made from calibrated colour lasers, digital proofs to final press output. All these measures ensures that what you see and approve is exactly the same as job you receive.

• Eliminates potential file incompatibility with printers

• Reduces costly amends

• Press standards compliant

colour accurate press proofingDigital Press Proofs

Digital press proofing is a digital output out of your files which simulates the conditions on the press. Variables such as the paper weight, the coating, inks used and type of press are all factored into the proof. This gives you an accurate representation of what the job will look like when finally printed, this is particularly important when colour matching. This also helps eliminate any of those unexpected surprises, sometimes experienced at the later stages of a job when time and money required to fix them is of a premium.

• Colour accuracy aids swatch matching and other colour critical work

• Helps avoid costly press amendments

• Potential issues can be dealt with much earlier in the production cycle